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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Grinding my Gears

A lot of things grind my gears, I'm only human. So much that goes on in world, especially things that you can do zero about. As for non-harmful things, people who chew their food like goats, and people who chew and pop gum noisily are at the top of the list. My brain goes into red alert. It's hard being sat at a restaurant and having to hear all that indiscriminate chewing *shudders* 

I replied a topic centered around this on a forum and someone recommended a video for me to watch, because I had commented 'I could shoot' The video is from the movie Chicago, 'Cell Block Tango', hilarious, you can watch it Here

I remember one day when my gears were almost crushed by the indiscriminate chewing of gum. I was on a train and alas I had forgotten my earphones, my last option was to get off at the next stop, I just couldn't endure. After giving the dude a death stare,(because it was either that or my hand around his neck) I jumped off the train. My sister was bewildered.

I planned that we'd just get off and get into another compartment. While I got on, my sister was left behind! *Panic* No phone signals underground! I hoped that she caught my 'will get off at the next station'' So at the next station I got off the train, and waited for the next one. Thankfully I saw my sister on it waving, I got on and there was no crazy being to drive me Insane!*Wheew* :D

And many more It's only recently I realized how much responsibility lies on my shoulders when it comes to reacting to the situation. So far I've managed to stay in line and I hope to continue ^_^