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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Why You Must Have a Healthy Lifestyle

Well, you musn't. This is exactly what I feel when people ask me why they had to eat 'healthy' Nothing is a must. Make your choice, if it is too much for you, leave it alone. We will all die anyway? huh. There's no need to shelf responsibility unto another. Man is such a paradox, He doesn't want to die, but 90% of the things he does, guarantees, a death sooner than later. We try to avoid death in numerous ways, but when it comes to actually living a healthy way, especially in the area of what we eat, people want to have their cake and eat it, They want to live but want to eat a grossly unbalanced diet. They want to live long, to be smart, to be able to control their emotions, but will never give up their constant cup of coffee. 'Why must I??' No you mustn't, you mustn't do anything.


Rita said...

Just looking at the picture with this post and seeing the old happy couple is enough incentive to do things right (at least what is in our power to do).

And that is why I like your other blog :-)

jemimahnaa said...

well said mon amie!