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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Case for Christian Music

I really do not like the way 'Christian' music is shelved as a genre of music especially when being Christian isn't just a part of a life but one's whole life. I guess this is the reason why many musicians try to break out of that box. They try to make it clear that they are Christians who play music. I would expect that any piece of music that a Christian plays would be one that'd fill me with love, hope, joy, peace, good things regardless of what religion/non-religion I subscribe to. 

Music itself is just unexplainable, its undeniable, it reaches your soul. But just like every other tool that we have, it can have a positive or negative effect. Not everyone feels the way I feel about music, but it's hard to deny its effects. Music made by Christians most times reflect what is written in the bible and is doubly encouraging. There are times I just want to close my is a great companion. Lots of times I remember bible verses because of the way an artiste carved them into lyrics. Music is great.

I'm really glad that many Christians just do what they are called to do, play music. It doesn't really matter if 'Christian music is shelved into one corner, I'm glad that's not all there is to it.


dhjax said...

So what defines the 'genre' then? Presumably, the content, if I'm reading your piece rightly? Or the writer? Or....

Gam said...

What defines 'Christian' music?
Yup, The Content.