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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Nigerians and Grammar

Sometimes I wonder why Nigerians strive for the best in English grammar more so than even the English. People are always correcting you on what comma you didn't type or how you put a present past participle instead of a continuous present. We Love Grammar. 

I also realized that Nigerians tend to speak the best words when they are angry.  Of all the times!! 'What an impertinent arrogant fellow!, 'How preposterous! the audacity!' its really amazing.

Our politicians are not left out. every single time on the news headlines, when someone is quoted its never far from, ''Adeoti will soon meet his waterloo'' 

Debates have been going on back and forth, and honestly I can't see the point of it they just want to 'blow grammar' and its sad to think that Nigerians are going to vote for people who 'know grammar pass'. All the debates na just grammar to me, that's not what we need in Nigeria, the British already brought Grammar, bring Light.


Tee said...

Hahaha you give a great laugh

That MC Hammer pic is on point!

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