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Sunday, March 27, 2011

I am still Clay

A friend lost her mum today, just like that. She had a headache the night before, Sunday morning, no more. Time ceased to exist for her. It is a sad day, it hurts, watching someone suffer, hurts as much. Sometimes we just forget how fickle life is, here today, gone tomorrow. We forget that the important things in this life are given to us FREE. You didn't do anything to gain the breath you breath, you were born with blood moving all over your body. you never paid for that. 

We look at each other, and take ourselves for granted. O Human beings, why are we so blind, so corrupted by our foolish pride. We ought to look at eachother with reverence, hold each other like precious china, 'Handle with Care' 'Fragile'. Paul in his letter to the Christians at Philippi said, ' Work out your salvation with Fear and Trembling' Treat people with respect, with reverence, put your foolish pride aside, be responsible for others, we should be afraid to harm others.

Creation groans, we groan, I groan, there's so much pain in the world. Many times I forget this simple, little part I ought to play and I think of things on a grand-scale. A simple 'thank you' 'Sorry' 'Can I get a glass of water for you' are some of the things that matter the most.

All in all, I really do reflect on the way I've lived, I hold life more preciously than I've ever done in my entire life. With everything I want to achieve or that I see people achieve, events like this still remind me of certain truths. it doesn't matter what heights you reach and how low you go, we are all equal, we are all on the same level, We are all clay.