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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Mrs Club pt3 : Is Marriage still Necessary?

Wheew, I'm definitely not getting younger! this year I'm moving into a new age bracket, no pressure yet but its getting realistic. Marriage is a topic which never ends, and looking at the stats, the rate of divorce is very high, some would even say Marriage is the number one cause of divorce..cracks me up. Still, it's not an issue to be ignored, but what does it mean to us, what does it mean to society.
Is it still necessary? 

I've never thought going to a registry, a church or whatever is necessary, but the heart of marriage, which is a life-long commitment is Very Necessary. If we understand this and begin to live in such a capacity, I can only see a better world than what we currently have to shoulder.
I am a Christian and it is only from a Christian perspective that the case for Marriage can be made, I honestly can't see any view-point that satisfies its reason completely. Marriage is grossly anti-self which being Christian is. The nature of our world now pushes the 'me! me! me!' syndrome, the false notion that the world revolves around our individual selves, when infact we are all connected to each other. Pride, this is the main culprit, we delude ourselves into thinking  that there is a divide between being 'single' and married. Nobody is really single, every of our actions affect others. In the context of this topic, you are just unmarried. 

Marriage requires partners who are willing to submit to each other, a self-sacrificing kind of love. If this doesn’t exist, it doesn’t matter how many documents you have signed or how many pastors or wedding ceremonies you have held, you are living a sham, and you can only fool others not yourself. Marriage ought to be a picture of what Love really is, of the kind of Love God has for us. You can't be in a Marriage, where you truly Love and this is not reflected in the way you treat others, impossible. Marriage should be a learning ground, not a battlefield.
Marriage is a great thing, I don’t intend to have any wedding ceremony or register anything (except he wants to, we’ll but I would like to have a life-long commitment with someone. It is not the best thing in life, it is not a do or damned thing but it is a very good thing.


Tee said...

Until recently I only considered partnership but then I met someone who seems to make me change my mind

I agree with most of your perspective on's nice to have people that think

Rachel said...

Lovely post. Marriage is a lifelong cycle of hard work, love, patience and understanding between two consenting adults. After the paparazzi of the wedding, reality sets in and it is that reality that scares a lot of people.

GamineGirlie said...

@Tee what do you mean by partnership though?

@Rachel True say, People should stop being fed fairy tale stories that end up in a wedding because thats what many aspire to, just to have a grand wedding without thinking of the reality of it.

lawwyy said...

u capture the essence of the marriage thingi, why not just fulfill all righteousness, well u say u ll negotiate. lol.