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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Sumptuous Saturday

I don't have this very often, but I'm glad I know people who try to host a get-together every now and then. I only have about one or two 'friends' in this life, and Its hard trying to hang out normally, because most people tend to bore me if the purpose of interaction is not clear. 

But not last Saturday! It was at a flat down in Wimbledon. I stopped over at Waterloo first, the sun was great, but I needed sunscreen badly! I wore my flowy neon skirt and I really felt summery. After the disappointment that was Saturday morning, I headed down to Wimbledon, not without picking up a few things to share, Almond Twists, Carrot Cake and Carrots (Yep, Healthy balance! lol). The shinding hadn't started, the host was just cutting the chicken fillets, 'I'm so hungry already' I thought!
After about an hour, others started coming in with some food to share and just their nice presence. After we got starters arranged on the table, it began! 

Got involved in a game called Catan, very complicated at first, but was great once we got into it, two hours passed and we didn't even know! We had to break up for supper atlast. We tried to save the game layout, so we could continue after eating but alas, an earthquake manifested and the land was broken!

Lamb, Chicken, surprisingly no rice! lol

After the whole thing, we still had dessert! it was hard to go home, but I left at 10:30pm, the train from Wimbledon to Nottinghill must be the slowest train ever! I got home at 12am. Thankfully, someone came to pick me at the station. Just before I went to bed, I was filled with so much thanksgiving, and prayers, then I remembered that the moon was supposed to be a big deal that night. So I looked out of my window, and there it was, majestically shining on me, really beautiful. Nice way to end my day, it was. I look forward to more of this kind of days ^_^


jemimahnaa said...

...and there will be more days like that!!! i miss get-togethers! lol..the last one i had was after ma cousins birthday 2 saturdays ago!! it was so much fun,all my long lost cousins were found again and there was suya and drinks and i felt awesome... hope my place gets done soon so wen u visit we can have 1..miss u!

GamineGirlie said...

Aww, I do too ^_^