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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Plan

I love walking across the field between my house and the train station, in the dark. Lately I haven't done a lot of walking because of the rains which leave the field really soggy. There are three main reasons why I love doing this. One, its a faster route if I have to walk, in other words, if I don't want to spend 130p on a 4min bus ride when I can walk it in 10. Two, I love the open field, because I'm mostly alone with my music, the stars and the moon. The third reason, I found out today. There is a tall block of flats close to my building so when I get to the start of the field station-side and look across, it looks really far away, and even as I start to walk, it seems like I would never get to it. So I began to walk today, and was just enjoying the peaceful atmosphere, looking ahead at the block, I then noticed the moon and stopped, it was a perfect crescent, wish I had a proper camera. When I snapped back to reality and turned to continue the walk, it suddenly seemed like the block of flats was upon me. Before I stopped, It still looked far away, but finally I passed by it and went on home!

While walking, I was listening to Bloc Party's Compliments, which I think is one of the saddest songs ever. Every time I listen to it, I have a personal video of it playing in my head. people like robots marching down seemingly endless stairs, then they fall and disappear. I like it because it is a reminder of how futile this life is without God, a reminder that God has a plan. I love the instruments very much too and no, it's not a 'Christian' Song but it won't cost you anything to listen to it. Just google, type in 'Bloc Party Compliments' then listen. 
We sit and we sigh
And nothing gets done
So right, so clued-up
We just get old
And all the while
Been torn asunder
And bacteria
What are we coming to
What are we gonna do
I thought of how the block of flats represented things that we hope for, things that seem too far to reach, like the Ultimate plan described in the bible , like the things I am presently working much plans. They look so far of, and even as the days go by, it never seems like I'm getting closer. But I realize that if I sit back and fold my arms, if I give up, I will never reach it. Just like I finally reached the block, my hope is renewed, just like it suddenly came upon me, I know I will get there.


lawwyy said...

Awww, I like this ;D

jemimahnaa said...

Inspirational post.slow but steady we'll get there,wherever 'there' is and despite how out of reach it may seem...i'm now downloading d song