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Saturday, March 5, 2011

The Re-Adjustment Bureau

A friend and I went to watch a movie called Paul, which was funny and a bit icky. Usually before the movie comes on, you are treated to about 15mins of Movie previews, annoying when you are early to the cinema, wonderful if you are late. As the trailers went by, I thought to myself how it seemed like all the movies coming out, try to talk about Free Will, Chance, Control, Destiny. It may be the effect of this end-of-world story but it just made me realize how much man wants to be in control of his own life and even others around him. How much we want to believe we are the ultimate.

One week later I go to watch one of them, 'The Adjustment Bureau' with Matt Damon (seems to be thrust into any movie involving a chase, guy must love to run), whom I absolutely adore and Emily Blunt, who I've loved since the Devil wears Prada. Plus! I've been reading Philip Dick since I can remember. Anyways, How did it go? It started well for me, I was excited. Then at some point, the context of the movie began to fade into silliness (Only men in the bureau, only one black guy, and Matt Damon dared to ask why he was different..funny!, hats, turning knobs where there was none..e.t.c ). I felt awkward. I can't even say if I like it or not. There are definitely parts I love but  I wouldn't want to watch it again.

The movie has been panned as a 'Bourne meets Inception' movie. It was more like The Matrix meets Mad Men and initiates a threesome with The Notebook, but no where near as awesome as any of them. The movie suggests everything that happens, happens according to a 'Plan' but things change, 'chance'. I like the review of this blog, and this, God Has No Adjustment Bureau 

'' So what take does the film offer? On the surface, it seems to imply that the Chairman merely reacted to David’s choices. Yet subtle clues appear each time David takes another step down the “untraced” path, hinting that the Chairman knew all along which path he would follow. In the end, the caseworkers offer this preface: “Only the Chairman knows the plan. We only see part of it.”
The “part of it” we can all see in this film reminds us of the constant human effort to understand the nature of God and resolve age-old philosophical debates. Even though many deny him, they cannot help but try to capture his essence through the arts ''

I loved that I could see other parallels with Christianity. I loved when Matt Damon's character was told that the reason they didn't want him to be with Emily's was that He would find her more important than all what he has been pursuing all his life. It could be likened to the 'Devil' constantly trying to prevent us from knowing or seeking God's love, because when we 'get it' we become content because it's all that we need. So I concluded that while I couldn't take the film seriously apart from its sappy romance side, because the movie couldn't really decide whose side it was on, if the Adjustment Bureau represented anything in the Christian belief, It would be the Devil and his minions. lol. 

While the Adjustment Bureau is at work on earth, I'm glad to know there is a Re-Adjustment Crew who will make all things work together for good at the end of the day! :D


dhjax said...

i'm looking to go see it this weekend. Quite a few 'Christian' writers have been keen to review it, it seems...

GamineGirlie said...

Go see it. Perhaps you'd leave with a better experience, maybe I was expecting too But yeah, Christian writers have said quite a lot already, Hollywood and 'God' is always a big subject of discussion

Sandra said...

Thanks for linking to my blog! It's much appreciated. I liked your description of the movie: "The Matrix meets Mad Men and initiates a threesome with The Notebook, but no where near as awesome as any of them." Hilarious! :)

GamineGirlie said...

I'm so glad I stumbled on your blog. It's bookmarked!