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Friday, February 11, 2011

When the Pharaoh Fell...

We had been following the uprising in Egypt for the past four days, because of the climax it had been heading to. Yesterday, we waited earnestly for the President's speech. It was, disappointing and while I'm not Egyptian, I felt hurt, and I heard some of those at the square say, they were ready to die for freedom. I honestly didn't want their suffering, sweat and blood to be in vain while I thought to myself, I couldn't even do that. I don't believe there's any true physical freedom except death but in the vein of what was happening, I thought, It's only a conviction that could make this people spend over two weeks without wavering for this cause. You don't see courage like this everyday.

Early this morning, I had a dream, that Mubarak was with a friend, in a place nice and sunny, playing golf, actually happy he was no longer president, I tweeted it. I also turned on the TV later and the news from the day before hadn't changed, the people at the square hadn't either. But then! some hours after, I just strolled into the sitting room, and even with my poor eyesight, I read on the telly, BREAKING NEWS: PRESIDENT STEPS DOWN, I screamed and my aunt nearly gave up the ghost. She was stunned, and asked why I screamed like that. I just laughed and gave a little victory jig. You'd have thought I was 'Egyptian'.

I can't describe the way I feel, I am ecstatic, I am overjoyed. I think this is a big step. and the day couldn't be any more profound, given that it's also the 21st anniversary of Mandela's freedom from prison. What saddens me though is the prevailing issues in Egypt, Racism for one and the Muslim/Christian divide. I hope that this demonstration will finally unite the country for good. I hope that they would see that we are all ONE peoples and that there is indeed Unity in diversity. I hope that on a larger scale, people will realize this also. I hope that people would once again look to Egypt as a source of life, new life flowing in our veins, giving us the strength to go out there and actualize change. I hope that the Nigeria mass will finally wake up.

A New Day, A New Life, I am glad.