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Thursday, May 23, 2013

On Abortion

Life is not black and white. People make mistakes. We choose bad paths sometimes. Hope comes when we admit where we have done wrong but like Don Colacho says which I strongly agree with...
 "Modern stupidities are more irritating than ancient stupidities because their proselytes seek to justify them in the name of reason."
 "The arguments with which we justify our conduct are often dumber than our actual conduct."
The argument of pro-abortion on the status of the child in the stomach is totally absurd. For a person to say that the child growing in their womb is not a human being is one of the most stupid things my brain has ever encountered. So far history has told us of how people are usually dehumanized (Cross-Atlantic Slave Trade, Holocaust e.t.c) so that a mass for people can justify treating human beings anyhow or killing them without remorse and yet this seems to have come full circle again. These are sad times for the people of earth.

"If abortion means anything, it is that human life is of great significance. You merely acknowledge "potential life."

A question I ask myself is why people fall into such situations, there are many understandable scenarios but where a woman has access to the coil, contraceptives, govt support e.t.c where is the excuse? I may have an abortion tomorrow because I don't know what tomorrow brings, but heaven knows, I would  have lost a part of me.

"If women call kill their unborn children with no remorse, who is safe?"


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