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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Primary Four

1994 was a very memorable year for me, I can remember so many things that happened. From New Year celebrations to the end of year move to Primary Five! the new building, yay!

  • I celebrated my birthday at Apapa Club, I couldn't forget the way the Jollof rice was served, it was shaped like a hut.
  • My youngest sister and last born was born, She will be 20yrs old 5months from now.
  • I can't forget our move to LSDPC estate. It brought with it some fun times! but also grim times.
  • I can't forget having to cut my hair, my mum said since I had been 'chopping' it with my hand, it would be better to cut it all off. I think I may have shed a tear, but I was excited to see how I'd look.
  • After I cut it, I didn't think it was 'punk' enough and attempted to cut my hair using my mum's mirror as she slept in the room. The hot slap that followed shortly was enough to dispel every thought that exalted itself above the ones my mum had for me.
  • I can't forget being mistaken for a boy after that! lol
  • I can't forget having to chase a boy named Qudus, because he had stolen my money and gone to the barracks. I managed to catch him as he tried using my money to buy baba dudu.
  • I can't forget being lashed strokes of cane on my legs, because of something I can't remember but had to do with elementary science.
There was something we used to do called 'messing'. I was popular at it. We also used to call it 'yab' It wasn't meant to insult, its was mostly funny but the main idea was to deliver the best lines in a sort of duel. I was mighty good at it, for real!! I remember everything. Here are some of the 'yabs'

  • You mess, apple fly gate 
  • You mess, kuli kuli tie wrapper 
  • You mess, seven akara form voltron
  • You mess, All the fish wey dey River Niger say, Are we save?
  • You mess, Obasanjo repeat primary one
  • You mess, puff puff wear pant
  • With your black black nyash like devils bible
  • You shit here, you shit there you dey find the L.C.M
  • With your tun tun belle like seven o’clock news
  • As you short you dey use ladder climb maggi.
  • You no tall,you no short,you just be like headmaster biro
  • As u fool reach, u enter office were A/C dey, u come dey halla say na here harmattan dey hide?
  • With your ben ben leg like bendel state.

Some memory eh


lawwyy said...

lol you had many lame yab punchlines tho, ok for primary 4 anyway

GamineGirlie said...

Lame ke? they were the best! oya, gimme yours.

pass jamb said...
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lawwyy said...

too hungry to remember my classics right now lol