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Saturday, July 5, 2014

II - The Savior

The vision we need to transcend this cyclical pattern of wrong looks back in the history of men, forward to time's setting sun.

To gaze at Golgotha provides unshakable vantage of view.

Creator of time in it's tides, the judge standing under review.

The incarnate lover, alone, bright glory enshrouded in grey.

Perfection that wills to atone and grace by rejection repaid.

Yet forward our gaze is drawn.

Spectacular vistas are spread, the living One whom we once slew now speaks, and his voice wakes the dead. And him we thought false, we perceive to be lifted, the Faithful and True.

The crucified now stands as judge, his justice no man can gainsay, and only his death can expuge the multiplied sins of our way.

The earth and it's heav'n cannot stand before his pure unshaded light, but these are remade by his hand, evoking unbounded delight.

The dark shades are no longer seen, and untainted purity reigns, and gracing the whole is a stream of unbroken, unrestrained praise.

- Author Unknown