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Saturday, May 3, 2008

When We were young

Singing in the fan, playing in the rain, running on the courts, the memories of when we were young. A carefree life, that couldn’t have been better. Picnics, lots of them on tennis courts just to the side of the towering apartment block. Coke, chocolate, biscuits, home-made sandwiches ever so plenty. We had tons of fun. Once in a while this whole happy-go-lucky lifestyle was interrupted by the flash of a cane. Mummy was a teacher, she had those long canes that were used in schools, such a terrible feeling when it came down on the behind or wide open palms, but no mark to show for it now.

We were naughty kids, during valentine days when couples were either returning from their love serenade or just going out, we gave them a love gift of a water bomb falling from eight storeys landing with a splash on their cars or rather unfortunately on the pretty cloths they had on. We would climb our stairs backwards, neglecting the fact that one slip would lead to our death. We slid down the corridors and the stair railings. Throwing things down to our neighbour’s and going to demand them back like it was their fault it fell into their compound.

We were innocents, who would have thought a girl kissing a girl was something of raised eyebrows even though it was just pretend. We swim naked with boys or girls, that is not possible now without having some funny thoughts.

We were playful, Green light! red light!, ten-ten, I A mother was voted for and she chose the best players, being a very good player was key, monopoly, scrabble, games we played with much glee. Video games, Atari, Nintendo, Sega; Mario, Sonic the Hedgehog, tanker we tanned with so much energy! We played pretend a lot, pretending while washing up the dishes, pretending to be making some magic formula, pretending the cutlery were families and the tumblers their cities and the plates their flying-automobile. Pretending to have families, where our dolls were babies and food was anything we could use.

We were smart, we played so hard it was usually a wonder how we always came on top in school, we were always in the top ten, our parents had nothing on us! There was simply no reaon to punish us, especially when our result read like this AAABABAAAA. And we don’t remember reading a thing, spelling and reading was one of our best classes, so was the teacher.

And We were nice kids, we carried things for the Elderly, gave people gifts, helped our mum around the house, we did our parts in looking out for each other, we didn’t take peoples things, mummy taught us well, we knew when to say sorry, please and thank you.
There is no wonder we turned out the way we are now.


NigerianDramaQueen said...

Let me just say, I played video games like none other! Nothing compares to Nintendo 64! Xbox ruined everything....

Dammy said... you did all that to lovers on valentine's day and you still think you are a nice kid?

Well, I did worse than you did and I am still a nice boi! LOL!

Nice blog

BrownSugar said...

Babe, dont scare me like dat again!!!
Was wondering who was on my facebook list and's a blogger as well until i saw ur picture. Nice blog, welcome to my blogroll! And thanx 4 being my cherleader ... even if I "gawk"!

GamineChic said...


Thanks, dont worry i got ur back!

Lathrop said...

The summary of this all is that you were very bad when you were still a kid.
hummmmmmmm, ha ha ha ha ha.
Please dont get mad at me oh.
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