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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Random Facts about me

I hate walking

I have lost all my phones, well they were stolen

I have had three laptops in three years, not my fault

I like people with heart shaped face

I like Beyonce, we share some characteristics

I don't like Kelly Rowland

I love Simon Cowell

I love the british accent

I have a double piercing on my left ear but it was a mistake when i was a baby.

I love earth colors, gold, yellow , brown

I can't speak any language fluently Embarrassed

I can do accents Grin

I am very flexible

I get angry like once every month.

I laugh too much
its getting me into trouble these days

I hate to cook, love to eat.

I am a hard worker.


femi said...

Sounds like you. Just strike out the lat bit :-D