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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

They Finally Got Me

Yeah, I thought I was so smart. But they finally nicked my purse. This happened in seconds, and the guy was no where to be found. I was actually chatting with him initially, of course he looked suspicious, but I felt with the number of people around, he wouldn't try anything but that's his career not mine *sigh*
I still can't believe it, my head hurts from thinking about it but it's all just replaceable stuff. I still have hope that my purse would be found though.


lawwyy said...

kai, lagos girl handfelled, rotlmao iSorry tho

jemimahnaa said...

sorry dear,i know how u feel,even though mine was a larger item! (My Bag)and of all places it happened in Abuja, my Lagosian pride was hurt.but all is replaceable and u'll forget about it in time and move on and dont try running some had i known i'd v stayed @home scripts in ur head.wetin wan happen don happen. ((hug))