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Friday, December 23, 2011

A Festival of Slaps

Ok, so I thought this video below was very funny. So funny that it made tears run down my cheeks. If it doesn't make you laugh, then we can't be friends.

A week ago, I heard about another 'festival of slaps' video, and was keen to see what it was all about. I heard it involved 'Bishop' Oyedepo, I knew this was not going to make me laugh given his past records and I was right.

Not only did I not laugh, I felt angry. So angry it made tears run down my cheeks. If it doesn't make you sad, then you can't be human.

I am sad about Ignorance, one which led her to that church.
I am angry that this man could assault someone and in public then go scot-free. Not only preaching a self-centered gospel but living in that way. It makes me boil.

What can We do? 
Educate People, Take a Stand against such and Pray! 


jemimahnaa said...

He has always had anger issues(speaking from experience as a C.U student)..
No one is perfect..but still some things should be put in check as a public example and 'representative of God'

GamineGirlie said...

Well, one'd think that by now, He'd have dealt with his issues.
I'm glad that God needs no rep, if not we'd all be doomed.