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Sunday, September 16, 2012

A Sunday in September

I wore a nice summery knee length dress and because I don't trust the British weather too much, threw on a yellow cardigan. I put my shades and sunscreen on, then headed central. I was going to meet my sister after church, I hadn't seen her and husband in a long time. 

They had decided to attend the early morning service of the church I attend on a somewhat irregular basis. This I had never done before, but I mustered all the strength to leave my NW abode at such an ungodly time. It was going to be worth it I encouraged myself.

During the service, which is always uplifting, I prayed that my sister and husband didn't find it boring, this was eons from the charismatic, hand clapping, hip gyrating and banding playing congregation they were used to in Lagos. The sermon was on Revelations and a hope to look forward to in heaven, it was going to be given by a brand new minister of the church, this increased my apprehension. I would look back on this and wonder why I ever bothered, God works in many ways.

After we sang the final hymn and took some time to reflect on what we had just heard, I took out my phone and tried to locate my sister, but then I saw her call come in! Good timing. Hugs, and more hugs, I was really glad to see them, clearly they enjoyed the service, relief. While they got some books for themselves and my nieces, I had to say hello to a number of people but I was starving.

It was with great joy, I walked alongside my sister and her husband as we looked for a place to eat. We both had sunshades on, the weather was that brilliant, I began to picture the three of us, having breakfast, laughing, with nice sunlight and fresh breeze in our faces. Then my sister spoke and I came back to reality, 'Let's go there, it's only £5.65' She had said. I looked over and some some seating outside the restaurant, ''oh great" I said, "we could sit out in the sun". "No oh", my sister said, "It's too hot, you know we Lagos people like to be yellow". I guess some things never change.


jemimahnaa said...

:) lol@ur sis comment.we do like to be yellow o, clean yellow for that matter. #Familybonding