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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Because I'm not an Insect

I decided to take up knitting. My sister still thinks it's for old women. However I have seen a lot of young 'uns knitting it up, sometimes in public transportation which I think is really cool. It's also not a bad thing to add to one's skill-set, the brain can handle it.
Anyhoo, it's been relaxing and interesting, and hopefully, by next winter, I would be rocking my own handmade scarf :)


jemimahnaa said...

lol@ur title!i can knit!i'm just to lazy to most times, i learnt during that period after WAEC while waitin @home for my result. I managed to make a bag,scarf,2 headbands and about 3-4 hand bands back then, all in jamo colors!lol 'cos na Sean Paul dey reign den. I still have the bag, my bf inherited the rest.i should try my hands @it again