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Friday, February 8, 2008

Ikoyi polo club

I was at the Polo club on Tuesday with my sister, my first time there, ok this year is quickly gathering some firsts. lol. Anyways, before we even entered the place, we saw chicksss, saw one with a long tattoo on her hand, aaah. Thats one reason going out to places like this dey tire pesin!
Girls Girls Girls!!, but the game was over, so there were few people around. My sister is a friend to one of the organizers , so we went to see him, there were some police guys around, lemme just say an Entourage. After sitting out for a while we went into the building, because they wanted to have some sort of business meeting.
We were walking with the Entourage and heres comes the paparazzi! How did i know? one of the guys asks the photographer who invited him there, the photographer says he is paparazzi, i had a pretty good laff, Nigeria don reesh here! Paporozzu!

If you see my picshur anywhere, im sure i must have had my mouth open because I was laughing hysterically!