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Friday, February 15, 2008

Valentine, Guys and I

Vals day has had no meaning to me
since i grew up with the thought that it was a 'lovers' day
and i am in no hurry to have a lover

I have never had a boyfriend, i have never been valed
i dont even like collecting gifts, is that a valid excuse?lol

This is the day before Vals, Vals eve as it is also called, the girl prepares her mind for what the guy is gonna unleash!
Plastic Flowers. ....
it hardly passes all these things o

Those wey go roast don already know themselves, he he heh

Vals Day
Well the day just comes and goes like anyother, sometimes i have exams on that day
this time around it was like people had given up on vals, it was sooo dry
chai! i managed to chop only one cake!
The guy who is supposed to do the honorable thing for me, gave some excuses, its all good jo!
the day is gooooone!

Post-Vals, what happens now?
the guy checks his account balance, hoping he can still survive till Daddy tops him up or Payday finally comes!
The girl evaluates the relationship based on the quality of gifts she

Wo!, me i just want something sweet to eat
that cant be too hard to get
Where is this Cakes n creams number sef?


naijafan said...

maybe when i val you next year, all these would change. right?

Ekpemi said...