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Friday, February 8, 2008

The Day of Random things

I was leaving my school on Saturday for the island, I was just thinking of how jammed Lagos was
I definitely didn’t miss all the hustle, bustle, headache inducing sights and sounds.

We were caught in a traffic jam on Idiroko road, just then i saw a monkey on a truck, it was such a sight, I almost snatched the phone outta my friends hand, to take a pic, but by the time he had finished the call, the truck had gone past us.

We continued on our journey down to the island, I was thinking of helicopters, how wish canaanland had a helipad or something, this stress is too mussssh!
All of a sudden I began to notice the antennas on cars, it was like I was seeing it for the first time, it seemed so strange, just like how cars seem somehow strange to me, chairs on wheels

Just as we got to Jibowu, I saw a girl walking along the road on the driver’s side of the car, I could have just turned my face away but as the girl turned my way, my eyes opened wide in surprise.  oh my days I started to shout, the girl was on my last flight to Lagos from Abuja on Arik, she was one of the air hostesses, this is just too randooom! i almost wound down the window just to get her attention. It wasn't a case of look alike, she was the person! this world is small and funny meenn!

After that passed sha, I was telling my friend how I heard Olu maintain had to return his hummer, all of a sudden the next song on the radio was Yahoozee, we just turned to each other and started to laugh, aaaaah! Ya hoo zeeyy Na who dey there

when last did you play something from a radio cassette? i was too surprised to see my friend actual remove one from his car radio

On the ikoyi bridge, my friends 'trafficking light' in front had come out, some good samaritan in an Outlander signaled to us, the man actually stopped for us, some people are just nice like that, its cool!

Then as we got to the island, I decided to check up a guy I had been chatting with, said he worked at the bridge clinic on tiamiyu savage, hmm safe enough I thought since it was on my way home, i asked my friend to just stop for a few minutes. i went in to ask after him, and i heard no one like that worked there, oook oh, I just turned back and left, some people eh!!! Now im extra skeptical of meeting internet people! chai! i had my reservations before , now this?? Naah



Anonymous said...

Happy Valentine

BrownSugar said...

Eh??? U tried o! But i think that was risky, checking out the internet guy. Funny sha. How random can u get on this post??!! Monkey, Outlander, Yahoozee, Arik hostess ... lol! Creative.