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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Blog Idols

I missed this years competition, awww
I actually thought I would make it!
I guess better luck next year
and to my peeps, you know i always have your back!!! :)


July is one of my favorite months and I really do hate to see that its still raining.
Had to go to work today and the rains got me, got me bad
and added to it, my office is like Siberia in winter!!!

oooooush! i don cash cold oh!

Random Facts about me

I hate walking

I have lost all my phones, well they were stolen

I have had three laptops in three years, not my fault

I like people with heart shaped face

I like Beyonce, we share some characteristics

I don't like Kelly Rowland

I love Simon Cowell

I love the british accent

I have a double piercing on my left ear but it was a mistake when i was a baby.

I love earth colors, gold, yellow , brown

I can't speak any language fluently Embarrassed

I can do accents Grin

I am very flexible

I get angry like once every month.

I laugh too much
its getting me into trouble these days

I hate to cook, love to eat.

I am a hard worker.

The Next Big Thing

I know I have been away for quite a while, lots of things have happened. i said in an earlier post that this was goin to be my year of thanksgiving, from my sisters wedding to my graduation its been great and its just been God!

So many things happened along the way but right now the only memories I have are of those that matter. someone told me the big thing for me was my graduation and asked if i was ready for the next big thing.

I thought to my self the next big thing? what would that be, I want to go for Masters and I already work, i guess the next big thing would be marriage.

Marriage!!!!woooshh!! the thought makes me catch cold! not that its bad but its no small decision
apart from my problem of finding fault in almost every guy I know, I wonder where that prince charming is going to come from. I'm an optimistic person and I'm in no hurry, but as each day passes it signals the fact that one is advancing, well in age. I'm really not bothered right now but I will keep my hopes high while I wait for my Next Big Thing