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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

I am NOT Superstitious

But. . .

i read a bit too much into numbers, For me, i like to see myself as an EVEN person, most of the numbers associated with me, 99% of them are even numbers, even when i add, multiply the numbers, they still end up EVEN. my birth month, birth year, birth day, serial numbers, admission numbers, matriculation,position in the family. . e.t.c,

So i am sure you will understand when i tell you my apprehension in years which end with odd numbers, those years, i gotta say dont have a lot of good memories o, 2009 now, hmm, i really want to get over this feeling, but i cant shake that this year has a heavy cloud of dark even with all the optimistic positivic rays of hope that i see shining.

2009. . . .Weird things have already begun happening, this year Febuary and March are completly aligned and we have Friday the 13th occuring consecutively, then later in November, making a total of three. . .ODD, ODD, ODD.

2009. . hmm, im just trying to watch this things, and refuse to read meanings into the whole thing, ah well, i still dont like ODD numbers anyhow, except the number 5!


Yegwa said...

The problem with superstition is that it brings anything that verifies the pattern into sharp relief and makes everything else not register to us.

Don't let it bother you. Patterns can be found in everything and our brains are quick to notice and latch on to them. Set out to enjoy and do good this year and all will be gravy!

GamineChic said...

Thanks man, i will try dropping those thoughts
inhale, exhale and live life one day at a time!! a number is well....err..nothing but a number!!