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Sunday, March 22, 2009

This Modern Love

I havent still gotten over my Bloc party crush, i doubt its going anywhere soon, i hope to see them live later this year sef. :)

Anyhoo, i posted a note about online relationships and co on my facebook page, i dont want to repeat here, but Bloc party's this modern love reminds me of it.

Modern love everywhere, wo this thing really tires me, i closed my hi5 account today, i felt so good..facebook you are next! hehehe

Call me a traditionalist or whatever but, i dont want any modern love.


Anonymous said...

Lol. Pretty cool you are lovin' them at the moment. Pretty awesome band aren't they?

With regards to modern love, surely you can dodge it even though you have stuff like facebook still active? Imagine if you shut down ur facebook, then modern love would have to catch u on your blog. lol

Anyways, don't knock it too much. Know some people who got married off of the mmorpg FFXI.

Yegwa said...

Uh...that anon was me. Dunno why it didn't sign me in.


GamineChic said...


yeh i know people who got married off World of warcraft and other ishes..doesnt really bother me, i just had to blog about something..and i ABSOLUTELY LOVE BLOC PARTY.

Feral Female said...

Lol, same here, but I hope I will be saying the same thing in a few years, hopefully desperation won't cause me to eat my words.

GamineChic said...

Lol. Desperation? Please dont let it get to dat, where hav u been sef.