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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Churchianity (The Afro and the Dragon)

I was going to tweet my usual sunday rant, but my internet was out on Sunday, so I missed that, decided to blog it.

Hmm, i made the decision not to go to any "church" anymore, there's a lot I want to say, but I would limit this post to last two Sundays I went to "church"

The upper one, I choose the wrong seat and I try to tweet, the ushers are all over me, one of them, a really mean dude tried to seize my phone and call security.LMAO!
Ha! But my bible is on d phone, their Argument: we are in the presence of God, Mine: God is everywhere!
They finally leave me alone cause I tell them the phone is offline. The sermon,(comedy+motivational speak) not too bad.
I wasn't surprised when the 'bishop' said being 'churchy' would make you 'abound' and 'flourish' The only thing he failed to mention was how churchy Bill gates, Oprah and many more are.

The Last one, So I decided to go to church with my Afro, I got funny stares, almost jaw dropping ones. It also didn't help that I was wearing jeans and reading Paolini's Inheritance series. The really funny part was when the page with the illustration of the Dragon's eye which had already come out and was tucked within the pages of the book floated out. The people sitting close by me were quite startled. lol. I picked the page, tucked it back and continued reading my book jejely.

I really don't want to go there and do this, but its hard to listen to preaching that sounds like. .All i heard that day was 'Car, Car, Car. and Anointing for wealth'. if that isn't a load of rubbish, I dont know what is.

The more I see more of these church doctrines and programs, the more ridiculous it appears and I can't believe I once believed such things. I grew up happy as a 'Christian' child, but when innocence gets stripped off, some things beg for answers, answers these "churches" cannot provide or the brand of Christianity they proffer.

When I tell people I don't attend any "Church", they say they would pray for me, or that I need deliverance, whether jokingly or seriously , that just sums up Churchianity.


NG said...

Nice post.

I think I know what you're saying, luckily for me churches in my area are very different. They may appear the same externally but internally the dynamics are different.

I've been quite a large range of churches, and my opinion is that, the best churches are those that don't adulterate 'The Word.'

You don't need to tell me that it's annoying when you're being judged by human beings let alone God himself.

I don't understand why Christians miss this HUGE point; though it is every Christian's responsibility to spread the word to people, it is not our responsiblity to deal with 'sins'. If we disagree with the way some people act, we could pray about it, or say a little comment to them about it in a conversation.

Not to know someone and judge them, will have them running out the door in no time.
Sometimes as Christians our over zealous attitude means we put pressure on those around us, to behave in the ways we accept and tolerate and not truly in the way they feel and believe they should behave.

I know I have a long way to go in my spiritual journey, but it's literally almost everyday I have to tell myself that I'm not a bad person, acting on our good intentions is the best way forward.

If we have to conform to another human's rules, then we may miss the straightforward rules that were laid out for us in the Bible.

We were told that above all, we should love the Lord our God with all our hearts, and then to love our neighbours as ourselves. Well, do you really think judging and condeming people is loving our neighbours??

This is something even I'm working on, this world is just too darn bitchy!!

Anonymous said...

Maybe the prevalence of that curious mix of comedy and motivational speak with little of the word of God only goes to point to the existence of the real deal? C.S.Lewis said That we recognize that a line is crooked implicitly proves that there is a striaght line

GamineGirlie said...


i get your point. The biggest issue with us Christians today is judging others and selfishness.of course not all judging is wrong, but people have shoved the bible aside and focused on themselves.

One can only work on sometime when your eyes have been opened to the wrongdoing. We should also pray for the millions who think they have it but are really grappling in the dark.

it is well!

GamineGirlie said...

@Danny Bagucci,

Existence of the real deal? where? lol.
Surely not in that preaching.

Isabella said...

Hmmmm I liked this post v.interesting.

lovely blog madam

Neogogo said...

I hear you, sweetie.

I too have had problems going to church for above said reasons. Even though it's not my job to judge why the ushers act like they are gating plebs at a nite club or the preacher really wants to focus on how we can all live victorious christian lives by driving swish cars and living in Nollywood houses.

Just focus on the bible. the word. God. I tell myself. Don't judge lest ye be judged. In many ways you are worse than them i remind myself.

But I can't. I know cos I try and what i always end up doing is filling pages of note books with rants about why i think what is being preached is outrageous/just lies.

When in church, I've often felt that God might be elsewhere.

Hm. Wonder if I'm an infidel.

Anyway, don't stop seeking Him. He will always find the people looking for him (not the perks) wherever they are.

And kudos on having the guts to read ur book during the service! Lol! Too funny!!!

Anya Posh said...

you were tweeting in church? and then reading a book? WOW>>> if you don't want to listen to the sermon or behave in a church-appropriate manner why do you even bother going??! This is hilarity is knocking me out of my seat. Wow. O_o

GamineGirlie said...

@Bee,gal where have you been o! :D

@Anyaposh, i was forced..i thought i wrote that somewhere and what is church-appropriate?

im glad your knocked out

jemimahnaa said...

LMAO....u were tweetin in church u dis child..y dint u just stay home...d drgon pice floatin part is so funny m sure dey musta been thinkn u were a fyn i get u on the preaching part i only enjoy the praise and worship part...depending on wat they preachn bout sha..they see me as a rebel cos ma church is kinda small and u can speak if u dnt agree,not that it changes anything tho..still lmao