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Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Return to innocence

My friend, J was asking why i havent been posting about my
Well, let me just say i hav bin totaly natural since january and i intend to keep it that way 4 life. I Love my hair and im so happy i hav inspiration everywhere
I would put up pics and write about my hair regiment as often as posible, monthly maybe..tata 4 now!


Feral Female said...


So how do you wear your natural hair?? By the way, I really appreciate the above post. I've noticed black people still don't really know what works for their hair.. frustrating, as I'm thinking, shouldn't my grandmother have passed her knowledge of 'secrets to beauty' down the line, and her mother to her??

GamineChic said...


i have pictures, but i would like you to visit this blog

i would be featured on it soon.