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Monday, April 27, 2009

It starts with one. . .

Products For my hair include;

Olive Oil {very important}

Emily Millionaire, coconut oil and herbs {very good}

For everyday use.

I wash every four days and condition,

I use Motions conditioning shampoo now, i used Loreal anti-dandruff before,

im looking for something better though,

i make my conditioner which usually consists of {overripe banana, Mayo, Honey, Olive oil, e.t.c} i put it in my hair and cover with a shower cap for more than 2 hours, the result is great, the hair is soft and shiny.

Important: after washing hair put in the Olive oil to lock the moisture in, natural hair needs the moisture!!!

Lol. my hair is really growing and i appreciate it more and more every day



jemimahnaa said...

emily millonaire and olive oil are d ish..tru tru

Dammy said...

Who says I can't grow my hair as a guy?

Thanks for the insight sweets.

Feral Female said...


What's the idea behind making your own conditioner??

I am extremely synical about everything beauty related and I just don't understand how lathering anything onto the hair apart from stuff that literally changes the texture such as oil and water -will make any difference to the quality of the hair.

I mean does your hair know you're putting banana on it, or honey, for all it knows you may be lathering the chemical substitutes.

GamineChic said...

i would have to ask you to google really, lol.

i dont know where to start, its so funny your question.

its like asking how your body will know if your eating carbohydrates or proteins.

Feral Female said...

Lol.. the questions directed at the hair are rhetorical.. I don't think anyone can answer that..

GamineChic said...

ok Simply put,

Hair is alive and will respond to certain elements, either for the better or worse