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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Musings on Marriage, Life and things.

I attended a Child protection seminar today, and this along with a couple of questions, i had asked myself earlier began to come to take some shape. I had pondered, what exactly are people concerned about A man getting married to a 13yr old girl.
I can vividly remember when i was 13, i was almost S.abused, but i was 'aware' still i cannot transpose my experiences on any other person. But my main concerns with someone marrying a 13 yr would be if its forced, but that is not unique to a 13yr old, so what is unique about a 13yr olds situation?

A Child, some would say..a child at 13? we may try to pretend but we know there's no innocence at 13, not in our world of today. Maybe in a society where people are raised in caves, even then!

Emotional Maturity....What is this? how is it measured??

Physical Maturity....this varies from person to person, as a thirteen year old i was just a stick figure, akin to a praying mantis, but i looked over at the other grass, ooh i had mates who had the shape of 18yr olds, heck i couldn't believe they were in my age range! even now that i moved just an inch away from my stick figure likeness, I still wonder, what physical maturity means.

Dynamics of this looks like a book Faith Oyedepo would write, that's if she doesn't already have one in peoples homes.

OOh well, I've exhausted my though span for now, but no one should misconstrue my approach. I really don'think 13 yr olds should be getting but that's just my opinion not a life fact. I also dont think people should be kissing, but hey its MHO.