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Thursday, May 13, 2010

The past few Days...

Its been a looooooong minute!, its always amazing how, a few days make so much difference in one's life. Through out the weekend i was focused on getting one of my essays out, which i turned in on Monday. So the weekend was a bit of a blur, except when i went with my Zimbabwean friend, Brenda to a Mary Kay event where we got free gifts, and then decided with the change on us to get some Chinese food. We ended up walking back home, and eating the food on the way, it was tres funny and fun!

Along the way we met one of our mutual friends, a guy who had recently just gotten back from the hospital where he was admitted because he had been beaten by random people one fateful night, it gave me the chills. Obviously hate-inspired, oour damm world!

Monday was one of my friends birthday, and guess what! she planned to go to Whitley Bay! Whitley Bay i had gone to for the first time the last week on a project. I was way too surprised! anyways, she wanted us to go ice-skating. After a long day at school, and stopping for seconds to see a spectacle in the city center, i went home. Only to get my house mate saying someone she had met at church, a Nigerian guy had invited us to a dinner, where He would be cooking!! Mehh, hard decisions, man! Friend Vs New Guy, Free Food Vs Cake, Ice-Skating Vs Warm getogether.... Well of course you have to weigh your priorities. Amd i reckon, one celebrates a birthday only once in a
It was great fun!! yeah i'd never been on the ice before, butt for a beginner, i really did well, if i say so myself :D, pictures yay!

Tuesday, was just a tension filled day, we had to get our presentation and pdf together, i left school the latest i've ever done. I was just so spazzed out.

Wednesday!! everyone was geared up and ready to go, not before one of our ash struck coursemate, Alisha, gave out little presents, it was so cute! and then she gave me a special one, because i had helped her submit her assignments while she was still stuck...i would never have expected the gesture in a million years, plus she had given me a token for what i had spent even if i brushed it off.

Presentations went well, albeit some slight blimps here and there, but overall everyone was upbeat and it just kind of flowed. After we went for Post- Celebration Celebrations!! lol (inside joke.hehe), had a pint and headed home, Great day overall.

Here i am, had to blog, but i really should go sleep now though, no break for long between projects so i have to be in at 9:30 to get on, great times ahead! ;D