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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Finally Gone.

Our President, Umaru YarAdua, dead at 58. There wasn't much this man did for the country i firmly believe, but when it comes down to it, a president is still a man, a human being. It saddens me when i see young people die, when i see sickness consume a life.
 I believe this man had a good heart, but was saddled with the wrong people around him. This was someone that would probably have never ran for president. I feel sad, i never liked the jokes that were coined from his name and what not, i remember someone actually ejecting me off their friend list because i stood against stuff like that. Now, He is dead, He is dead.

I am happy he can finally rest now, i can't imagine the anguish he would have gone through. Even if he just died now or months back, there is no doubt he suffered extreme pain, both from his ailment and the burden of evil around him.

Now we move on, I am proudly Nigerian, and i want my country great. The next step is to give the reins to the right person. Somehow, i hope this goes well, but now in this moment, R.I.P YarAdua.