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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The License to Kill

The issue of Driving is now becoming a big deal
My dad was saying the other day that he had to test me.
The first and last time I drove, I scratched a brand new car
I'm not afraid of getting behnd the wheel, but really, I can't be bothered

I fear I'm too impatient and I'd probably be driving the way I do in Gran Turismo.
with my brother screaming, can't YOU DRIVE STRAIGHT! Shocked

I fear i will drive like my mum who we call Speedy Racer, but I'd be Speedy Racer on Crack
She's the best driver I know, In my dads car, a tortoise will hit the mile mark before the back tires roll.

ANYWAYS, I love seeing people Drive
why take a job from someone, Drivers are meant to Drive
I'm sorry but its the way i see it. Grin Grin Grin

I will be back on this topic, I'm supposed to enter a driving school
let me see how it goes
bye bye 4 now Grin


Bee said...

I say just do it and embrace your natural aggression on the road. Believe me, your Turismo skills WILL come in handy on Lagos roads! And remember, when someone cuts you off during your driving lessons and your driving teacher starts to breath heavily and asks you to floor it, just do it. No lesson like experience.

GamineChic said...

yup, im just gonna DO IT