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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

No Sound

Strange beds have rarely agreed with me, and only after a short burst of troubled slumber, I woke an hour or so before the bugle. It was then still very dark and knowing I had a full days parade ahead of me, I made an attempt to return to sleep. This proved futile and when I eventually decided to get up, it was still so dark that I was obliged to turn on my torch in order to brush my teeth and douse my drowsy face with ice-cold water. But when I was done and had turned off the torch, I could see early daylight peeking through the wire clad windows. When I had gotten up moments ago, the light outside was still very pale and something of a mist was affecting my view of Suleja Hall and the Garden of Eden. Indeed following the pathway to the water pumps, I could see the mist rising from the top of the mountains. there was not a soul to be seen and apart from the tiny scampering noises of the well-fed black rats and an occasional cling-cling of a bunk as the sleeper within turned to the rythm of dreams, there was still no sound to be heard.

to be continued