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Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Tonight I find myself in a camp house in the city....village of Paiko. The first day of my orientation is now completed and all in all, I must say I am terribly angry, frustrated but a little bit satisfied and apparently homesick. This stay began this morning almost an hour later than I had planned, despite my preparedness the day before, I still left like I was forgetting some things. I suppose I was also conscious of the fact that once I departed, I was going where no one had gone before. It was an odd feeling, and perhaps accounts for why I delayed my departure so long, wandering through the house, checking I had packed suitable things and making sure my papers were in order.

Its hard to explain my feelings once I finally set off, For the first twenty minutes or so, I couldn't believe I actually was going there, I cannot say I was seized by any excitement or apprehension at all. . , . . . .