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Friday, December 26, 2008

The Really Massive Final Post of 2008

Why i blog, write...i was telling a friend yesterday, i just have to, i have tiny notes scribbled everywhere, in school, it was my lectures notes, in church, my sermon notes because im a very good drifter, i have scribbled on money, clothing, tissue paper, the wall but now i make a lot of notes on my fone. words are just some of my very good friends, but dont get me started on Drawing, lines and figures.....

So, 2008 is almost done eh, so much stuff that happened inbetween, a very eventful year I must say, marriages here and there, graduations, nysc palava,lol mehn , its been one heck of a ride, and ofcourse, sad events woven into the tapestry, life we cannot avoid,

The Rape issue, I actually met the girl while in lagos just before I was called to serve, she was not the picture I had in my mind, she was an ordinary looking dark girl, who was even thinner than I am, shorter too. She was talking with my cousin and until my cousin told me, she was the girl involved in the ordeal, I would have had a better chance of finding gold in my nose than guessing who she was. She was so bouncy, cheerful, she even helped my cousin make lunch. I could only hope that she carries on with life as normal as possible, even in the face of that traumatic experience and as a new year approaches, one cant even imagine what may be going through her mind. I wish her ALL the best, every single one my being can muster.


so i finally relocated to Abuja, and im billed to start work at the National Assembly next year, hmm, im just gonna see how this one goes..i know im the last person to be recommended for civil service/ government work!

I made a couple of new, cool friends and im still boxing my old, cold ones about the, you guys are just tooo mush, and especially to my “im very fond of you” friend, who says Fond, these days??? even though we had a mini-argument on christmas/boxing day, we are still tight.

Ya know, as the year slowly drew to an end, i had this nostalgic wave come over me, i remembered a lot of how things were back then, highly influenced by the 80s, teened in the 90s, adultized in the 00s, its been a wonderful journey, they say time changes yesterday but they forget to see that Yesterday also changes the times.i ought to do a seperate post on my Nostalgia but i had to get in this post for the year.

all in all, i can say i am satisfied with this year, i achieved something major and im so happy about it.


Bee said...

happy new year!
I for one am delighted that writing is something you cant help doing. I look forward to more good stuff on this blog!