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Thursday, May 28, 2009


Tomoro is Democrazy day woohoo!! somebody say House party!!
Lets go there!

Friday to Sunday..good time to relax and do those things ive procrastinated the whole week..
Before i go..


The Audacity of ignorance blows me away, one dude says to me "And i be correct guy o, too bad for you" ???? correct guy indeed! the guy wey even resemble shrek, infact shrek fine pass am..telling me too bad, na by fox to like someborri!!

School on Crack
So i applied to this school in Detroit for Grad, and i just received yesterday the third application package, which contains a flash drive and a nice book..i have spoken extensively with the Admissions officer and told her i wouldnt be attending because of the high fees ($80K plus for two years) and the fact they offer no assistance to international students. I dont know if its an error on their part or a way to convince me to attend the school (which i really wanna but mehn..that moni!)

My Blog

Some people read my blog and waylay me, saying stuff like "i read your blog" with a crooked smile implying they "know" me..theres A LOT i do not blog about, so please folks..dont go about with that assumption. Its all me, but not All of me. :)

Till next week, ma pipu, happy holidays!!

A friend is going to audition for Project Fame..gud luck gally!


pink-satin said...

First!!!!!!!!!!you guy in 9ja get to have all sorts of holidays *sulking*
$80k odikwa very very much..biko!haba!which school be that one

GamineGirlie said...


its a private design school, dey wan chop off my head sha.