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Monday, May 11, 2009

Of Weddings, Horosope andThings

Had to get this in, before i take my internet break. :D

Actually a friend of mine asked me this question today

when is your own wedding na?

in 4years and one month i replied, well thats what facebook says and the strange thing is, its exactly the same month my sister got married and her particular age too . .

Hearing about weddings makes me have cold feet, my friend also told me about two people we know who met on and are arranging their wedding now, and another friend of mine from school (classmate)told me her wedding date had been fixed for July.

I always did dream about one kain fantastic wedding like that but the closer it gets, the more the probability drops, its one of those things you cant afford to make a mistake about, the only way out of it is death, imagine the finality of it! and the horoscope says my best match is Capricorn, where do i get those from now!

i guess if or when you feel right about it, it'll happen
my friend said,

Yeah i guess but i really dont want all that ceremony and paparazzi
id like something like this---->

Really, Nigerian weddings..r just, i don't want my face in peoples houses on bowls, cups, buckets theyd use to pack shit or something, calender,writing pads they'd tear up
participating in my sisters wedding really opened my eyes further, i wont do it like that at all, my family may rage. .

they will rage but in the end, it should really be what you want
my friend says

exactly, besides they have five other people to settle them

i just want it cute, lovely, small, classy, special, unique :D

I am Virgo,

NB:i dont do horoscope, astrology thingy thingy, its just fun sometimes, but i gotta admit, many things they describe fits.


Anonymous said...

i totally feel you on weddings!being part of a cousin's wedding in naija opened my eyes..i want a small small classy wedding.....

GamineGirlie said...


i dont see how people can enjoy millions of people hovering around na nah!