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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Escape From Zombie Mansion

I have been having really graphic dreams lately, over the weekend, i had a vivid dream Italicabout my wedding and the dress in particular, now im totally sure on what my dress would look like :D
Anyhow to the dream with the title..i dreamt it on saturday.
What happened that night, i slept very early while waiting for electricity to get back, so i woke up around four, there was power and i was yoma-hungry. i got to the kitchen and prepared some food, someone just gave me directions on how-to the day before, it was a great meal, and i thought i wont be able to go back to sleep, but after eating, chatting a bit with a friend i began to feel sleepy and then i drifted away.

Scene begins in another country, England or France. in an old mansion where there was a show on the recipes the house produced, there was an older woman with dark hair who was like the director of the kitchen and the chefs in their white garments, im sure some of them where french because on the TV i saw a translation as the cooks describe the dishes and recipes. So i decided to go to the mansion. when i got there (and realised they had just prepared the food i had prepared before i slept!) i tried to have a talk with them, tell them how delicious the meals where and ask for any advise on particular dishes, they just kept nodding and being cold, there was one male chef with a roundish bald head, he just looked at me and went about his duties. When i concluded they had no time for me, i decided to go home.

First, i had to use the bathroom, next thing i go into the bathroom, really posh, i see this designer toilet bag and i have no idea why i take it, and as i leave the bathroom, i see a room to my left, its tastefully done, with dainty little chairs, i had to take a picture, but as i sat down on one georgian chair tucked in the corner of the room, i began to go through the designer bag nothing of interest was in it, save for something that looked like a mirror, as i was fiddling with that, i heard a start of activity in the house, i turned back and saw this black American actor/comedienne (cant remember his name), rush by to the bathroom, he wanted to take a shower. I turned back to the mirror thing and held it to the dainty chairs and pressed a button, a loud boom followed, and the shuffle of footsteps increased, i then realised it wasnt my camera, as i tried to bring that out to take the picture, the baldheaded cook appeared at my right side,
you have to leave now, he said, face turning white
why?? i asked
he repeated himself, he goes to bathroom to tell the actor to do the same i assumed, i got my things together and started to leave when i realised all the cooks and everyone in the house where out in the hallway, they had turned ashen, i began to run, i ran out of the mansion only to see that the whole street was filled with zombies, the sun was down too.

i began to run as fast as i could, even jumping over some of the creatures, after a while, the American Actor appeared by my side and we tried escaping together, somehow we got to the top of a fridge or something, with three zombies trying to climb up too, one of them was the bald chef. we used ceramic cups and a teapot to stun them, then we got down.

We had gone in circles and we were back at the mansion, actually the American Actor, forgot something, as we were leaving, the Actor realised that his car was gone, but we saw a car key on the console near the front door, we grabbed it and just then, the Master zombie and two of his bodyguards started to come out of the house. We dove into the car but one of the guard was already trying to open the door. i jumped out and started to run. The american actor managed to put the key in the ignition and zoomed off, with the zombie dude stumbling to the ground, the actor slowed for me and i jumped into the car and we zoomed away! the car was a Lincoln.

Then i woke up!
wheew, i was exhausted, and i couldnt believe how much i could remember. . .