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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Mid-Week Mix

Sunday RANT

ok, so i had some friction with my dad over this Church issue, i just put it to him that i wanted to attend one near my house with my friend who was over for the weekend..ehhhh no! i was disobeying him. Anyhoo we ended up going there.

Got a lot of stares because of my natural hair and cat eye!
One woman actually came to meet i and my friend as we waited for the service to start outside, she said she liked my face and wanted to take a pic, but she had no camera. she left and came back asking for my autograph..Im like, sorry lady (amidst plenty laff) i am not a star/celeb. shes like, well you are one in the making, she smiled and left. My friend was like, this woman is funny o.

Usher wahala.... The service hadnt started, a friend calls me and i pickup, next thing this huge lady is allover me, telling me to end the call or go out..huh?i continued talking, then she adds a terrible excuse "The Phone is affecting the Video camera" what the!?!

I enjoyed the message though, it was something "Christians" ought to hear everyday not "this town would not be complete until you drive a car!" and the audience choruses a thunderous AMEN!.
Christianity has nothing to do with the church you attend, its about how you live your life EVERYDAY, EVERY MOMENT. Has nothing to do with -Self, haven nailed that to the cross. I am not a perfect person but i do know that Understanding leads one on the right way. With all the Religious Confusions i have experienced in my life, i should be Atheist. But haven realised the very essence of Christianity, its why i remain "Christian" or whatever label it is now.


Yup yup, go nappy! when my friend came over for the weekend, she was still surprised i was natural, infact she said So this is how your hair looks "due" Due for what? i ask. She just smiles. I try to let my hair out as often as possible, but i have currently been wearing a wig to work :( . From next week! its gonna be me and my hair!

I saw this natural woman at the church, with really long twists, my friend started to argue that its dreads, must natural hair be lowcut or dreads! Anyway, im watchng my hair, moisturizing everyday..oooh the feel of water through the great! so wonderful,

One of my guy friends has made me his hair consultant lol..see wat nachi don

Weight Gain

I got this bread recipe from which says would make you gain i really like eggs, it has been really delicious, it was what even led me to that zombie dream *shudders* a friend says its cos i like food too much :P


If there is anything i know about this, is that it isnt by surely cannot be one-sided. i admit that im really laid back when it comes to sustaining friendships..but i dont have a problem with sticking with people. Friendship is the very foundation for every other type of relationship..if you want it long lasting anyway. Depending on the person, it could be really tasking too. I like making my own friends, i dont do communities.
Dude meets me at work and is acting like i forced him to be "friends" with me. I dont waste time letting people know what obtains with me ( so i get called harsh, quite often) i tell him straight up, if he thinks i am "work" he should take a hike. i just dont know why they never get it.


Life at the Ministry of Corruption hasnt been smooth, it was really terrible at first but things are getting better. The members are going on recession next week, i may just be taking my leave too.hehehe.
It is Children's Day, i should have been home! atleast my parents see me as a child, It was "bring your children to work" day at the complex..i tried playing aunty at a point and opened my Snes emulator for some kids to play Mariokart and they had no idea, i was flummoxed! my kids will know MARIO o!! What a world these children live in these days, saddening :( lol


Anonymous said...

lol...autograph ke?funny woman

GamineGirlie said...

She was serious o, bringing out paper and