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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Guys and Down south

Right! i got a wide smile from an older long loc-ed guy on a train, im so happy, i must be attracting the right attention now with my hair-do! lol.

Guys Guys, relationships!! i swear if i had my way these issues wont come up at all, but then again almost every discussion i have with people seems to always lapse into this. I can't say ive got guys chasing after me, atleast not in the way i'd imagine.hehe. but can't life have meaning without all these tasking emotions??

It may be that i'm looking for the perfect dude, i dunno, i just want a human being that makes sense to me! I just got to read Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugged, late? i know. I read Fountainhead long time ago, but only just got around to Atlas..and i love when i read a book, where i have connections to the female characters..

i could be Dagny, i love her. thats the kind of person i could see myself as, and the connection i would want with guys..I also hear that Angelina Jolie is up to play Dagny Taggart, that would be perfect because i love Angelina too!!! Sigh, back to earth you say. Then again, like i said if i had my way, these issues wont be brought up!

So i've been moving quite around in a space of three days, and i still have about 20hrs in journey time to clock. ive been sleeping like a sheep! better now, cause in three weeks i wont have that luxury. Still have a lot of coursework to get through! woo

This weekend went with some folk , guy i knew back in uni, really sad, then Abubakar Rimi..heart attack,..jeez. What can we do? nothing but LiVe the life we are given.

Quote of the day: 'I hired you to do your job, not your best...whatever that is' -- Dagny


Miss FlyHigh said...

Never thought I'd hear you talk about relationships lol

sleepy head sleeping pattern is messed up!!

Exams in about a months time ...all the best with coursework

Gamine said...

Lol. it happens abi..
Thanks o, all the best in yours!