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Friday, April 16, 2010


Do i like Him? i dont know, i usually respond to peoples' feelings for me. If i feel nothing, response = 0 and so on and so forth, bad thing? i dont know, but its something i've come to learn about myself, But i swear , iv daydreamed about it a lot, thats how i fall asleep. If i feel nothing...., the clock is ticking, i would find something else to daydream about.

In other news,

Went further south from the midlands, my back hurts, from coach to tube to train, damm! i am wasted. Went for a grad party, it was cool to hang around and meet new people. oh yeah, i was standing by myself at Waterloo waiting for my friend so we could both hit the party, and here comes this dude with gold in his teeth trying to chat me up. First he gave a wink as he passed me, but he came back. 'i like ur hair' i smile sheepishly 'oh ur so cute, are you american?' 'Why are you acting like guys dont try to hit on you' then i see my friend coming, and i smile 'oh your..' the guy says, i give a nod while my friend gives me a hug, the guy smiles and saunters away. Oh thou commuters!

Meanwhile, just before i got to the station...this guy, a muslim, gets on my car while in the tube, to be honest i was scared for like 5minutes, what if he was a suicide bomber??..... i had thought. Well this deserves a post on its own and i will find time to do it, 'The stereotype we feed'

Before i go to sleep, just a little word on the documentary on BBC 'Welcome to Lagos' I really liked it, it was so refreshing to hear Naija-speak not like the disappointment Blood and Oil wrought. I loved the frankness of the stories. I guess the only thing i didnt like was that it was incomplete. I didnt recognise Lagos, because the docu started out in the slums, and if that is Lagos. I was bred in some other state then. I would have imagined that the documentary would give a brief overview of what Lagos is and then zoom into the slum, dump areas. Anyway, it was emotional and really good plus i loved the soundtrack! ^_^

So there, Night! my eyes are already half way down...


jemimahnaa said...

lol @in other news..he ad gold dnt mind all these documentries they won't show galleria,V.I,VGC,Ikoyi,shoprite,etc..mchew!u weren't bred in another state and 1 tho