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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Maltina bottle syndrome

When I was much younger there was a popular 'yab' or insult which wasn't really intended to offend, 'You no tall, you no short, you no fat, you no thin, you just be like maltina bottle' LOL! I can remember using it countless times but I didnt realize this was going to follow me for life. 

I stand at about 5.6, and what most people hear me moan about is how tall I wish I was. Really, I'm not tall enough to stand out, for people to comment on how long my legs are or how I could be a model, I can't stretch out of my short legs, it hurts. I'm not short enough to be called cute or petite, imagine! I'm stuck in the middle, 'just there' 'average'. aaah, its not fair o.


jemimahnaa said...

LMFAOWLOFPIMP!!!!!!!!! the past has caught up wit ekpemi no tall no short no fat no thin she just be like maltina
u can't call ur legs short madam..some tall/short people wish to be ur height so except u v not passed the age of growing any taller start wacking a lot of beans u might c a difference of an inch or wat made u tink of the yab days gonna be good started with a laugh

jemimahnaa said...
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GamineGirlie said...

LOl. I have four months to go! oya na beans , lezz go dia!

jemimahnaa said...