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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Coming out of the closet.

I grew up as a tomboy to an extent, i loved pants and rough things, but i also loved playing with dolls and girls. I remember a play (we 'acted' a lot of dramas amongst ourselves) i was the wife i think, and my husband was a female too, and yeah we 'kissed' That was my first encounter, never thought it would have any effect on me later and sure as hell, it did

Anyway, fast forward to secondary school, the land of 'Cliques' and what not, I had this close friend who was part Camerounian and part Nigerian ( We were very close for the most part of the years in Navy. There was always the whisper of , 'Are they lesbians??' 'you guys would fit' and all sorts. I was a bit light in complexion while she was dark, we were both slender. I really enjoyed her company but alas the last year of secondary education saw our relationship break apart. Between some dude who 'asked her out' and me saying she had 'Gorro teeth' it was never the same again. I hear she is married with kids now, i wish her all the best.

University! I really thought my life would take a new unimagined turn here, and sure it didnt. Well, i was basically just going through the motions, doing my own thing and trying to get by. I also had this tee shirt

Which i loved. I love statement tee-shirts ya know, i wore it quite proudly, i wasn't trying to refer to anybody, i  just saw it as funny, but then the comments started to waft in 'She must be Lesbian' 'Is she a lesbian' 'Honey are you gay??' lol

Soon after i became close to a girl in my class, we went everywhere together, we were both about the same height and light in complexion. One day, one of our male friends actually had the gall to look us in the eye and go 'You guys would really fit as a lesbian couple, you look good together' i didnt know whether to take this as a compliment or smack him over the head and run. Well, my friend went off to the US of A after one semester and i was left alone, i didn't get close to anyone like her , there was no one like her obviously and i really couldn't be bothered with second best.

Anyways, Life after school and in general, people would always wonder about my sexual orientation, why does it bug folk so much? i have no idea! i like that i am androgynous, but does that specify orientation? i think not. Well i guess its time i just let it out , once and for all, put smiles on some folks faces and some that would say 'hey i told you so!' here goes, 

I'm totally out of the closet now, and yup you said it, I am Heterosexual!!! (Whatever that means, but i dont swing) there! :)


jemimahnaa said...

lol..grew up as a tomboy too more or less,was d rebel..i adored and i got much independence from ma peeps real early on...cnt just made me flash back to d drama's i used to act wen younger def has a big influence on own kid husband den was a boy and i dint feel and 4th of july sparks we were just acting lol...heterosexual u mean straight lol..never mind people though whether one is straight or gay they always find something to say its in the genes human beings just gotta talk bout someone to survive

GamineGirlie said...

Na so we see am!