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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Thats how the desktop saved my life...

I've got lots on my mind, so much that i cant think straight , I can't do my coursework, but the strange thing is, I dont know why exactly my mind seems foggy, but i sure know one thing, theres something about a desktop that makes you wanna work!

Yay, i got to eat real pounded yam today, but the ogbono soup could have been better, yum! i'm never touching chinese food again. i should really stick to my no-fry rule. Any food i don't cook myself and aint fried, me no eat!


I feel like i wasted my holiday, kinda, its been great having to not think of school work, but i'm still mighty pissed i didnt get to go down to the beach, >_<. I may be travelling again tomorrow to the midlands, but here i am asking myself, why do i really want to go, i want to see the town, yeah, hang out with friends, i hope signals arent being miscommunicated here though. On thursday i've been invited to a graduation party, that should be fun, next week it all ends, going back home to Arthur.


I get asked a lot of strange questions and i wonder if i should leave the recent one to a post on its own, i probably should but it is about my sexual orientation, imagine! lol.
Another question also spurred the thoughts in my mind, the only two kinds of people i want in my life, Honest and Unpretentious. I'm done with smarm.


Watched Jaws again today, lots of memories in that one and the unforgettable theme score, doom doom doom!. Also, caught up on Curious George two, too cute! love that monkey! Last but really touching was Sex and the City, i swear the number of times this movie has evaded me is legendary! i wasnt too surprised tat the plot but it still got me emotional. I'm such a romantic it kills me! but theres nothing like being happy and making someone happy..*sigh* oo! imperfect world!


I'm pretty dissapointed in myself at this point, i couldn't submit the proposal anymore, i froze. i couldnt send it. i guess thats one thing fogging my mind up, there were too many questions, i couldnt draw myself to one point. i was also sort of ill on saturday, yeah it got me down. I feel i'm dissappointing not just me. i need to step up on a lot of things. I have one more week to get things straight before going home.

I am absolutely in love with Dagny Taggart, 100%. i want to get things done like she did, i know..kinda crazy, but i feel myself  there..

Conclusion of the week, Everyone is corrupted


jemimahnaa said...

copy cat..'cos i ate pounded for u,took ma advice..bout the no-fry rule i hope u can stick to it 'cos v been there and it aint as easy as making up your strange questions i'm not suprised that someone would ask you 'bout ur sexual orientation my conclusion is it's prbly someone who doesn't knw u so well as to knw u wnt settle for anything less than what u desire in a guy,some might call it choosy but that's rilly their prb..yh u a bloody 'cos sm wnt even suspect except they get closer or c u in a breakdown mode..u aint dagny taggart lovey though i guess the connection btw u and her character is strong..get over

GamineGirlie said...

Lawl, you know how to say the right things, thanks lav ^_^

jemimahnaa said...

awww.....u welkam