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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Oh My, This Is Awkward

So, this week has been a mix of what not and things you really don't wanna know. Living without internet in my house, blessing or curse, i really can't decide.

But what do you when when you are walking with a guy you just met at 1am, and you walk past a store with a nicely made up bed in the show window, then you say something like 'Aah this is the bed of fantasies' and he says
'Oh what do you fantasize about, tell me..i fantasize about handcuffs and being blindfolded'  O.O *Crickets* O.O
 then you say 'I only fantasize about sleeping and having happy dreams'  because you've been having visions and nightmares lately. then he says 'Ooh ok, our fantasies are different'  *__*


Dolly said...

You were spot on with the crickets. I came across a guy like that once :D

jemimahnaa said...

LMAO!! O.O Crickets O.O///