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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Shedding Tears

I went to celebrate with my friend over her recent DR. status. Just before the party commenced, I saw her younger siblings running around, playing peekaboo. I just smiled and thought about how happy and carefree they were, how life used to thing I knew I started crying. Ran to the bathroom to get a grip of myself.

The act of crying has been defined as "a complex secretomotor phenomenon characterized by the shedding of tears from the lacrimal apparatus, without any irritation of the ocular structures"

I stared at myself in the mirror and asked what these tears were for. Tears of joy? Tears of sadness? I honestly couldn't place it. But I was so emotional. I didn't have the best childhood possible but it was just the times of innocence that can never be gotten back. I stood there thinking, life has just gone and passed, passed, passed. 

Anyways, when I managed to get a grip of myself, and got out. Met some women who had arrived, they encouraged me to sit outside and get some air, got talking..and just relieved myself. Only to hear that a 27 yr old lady had lost her husband of same age to some disease. I had no more tears but kept of thinking about how this life is. I had so many different emotions running through me at the moment, what to do?, what to do?, what to do? Live in the moment. I thought about how rough my week had been 'Live in the moment' With a much needed sigh, I abandoned the fresh air and went in to party. 

Crying is indeed Therapeutic


jemimahnaa said...

cryinggg..i got mixed feeling bout it 'cos sometimes i dnt wanna cry but d tears jst come spilling like waterfalls especially when i'm angry..funny enough i have to force it out when i'm hurt or something.'cos it actually fades out the pain....but all in all we all nid sm tearshedding to relieve us and make us feel human..i guess

GamineGirlie said...

yeah..i cried today cause i was angry-hurt. After tears, it makes my heart a little harder. Anything else you would be a machine

Anonymous said...

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