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Sunday, July 4, 2010

What is love.

"What is love 

Oh baby, don't hurt me 

Don't hurt me no more 
Oh, baby don't hurt me 
Don't hurt me no more 

What is love"

I really 'love' this song, by Haddaway, but the question never got answered, He didnt want to be hurt that's for sure. It seemed like the person on the other end didnt seem to care much. So what is this Love thing. I wouldnt attempt to give any long explanation, but i will give an account of what i know it isnt.

''I don't know anyone who loves a highly sarcastic person" someone said to me last week. My reply was 'Then i dont want those kinds of people loving me'  Besides, he is rather ignorant....Not that i'm highly 

But If you love people because they are good enough to love, or just okay enough to deserve your love, i suggest that you pocket it..atleast i dont want that from anybody. So the moment things change, and you become less desirable, the person withdraws their love..

Help me out somebody..its really difficult, but its one step in admitting what should be.