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Tuesday, May 3, 2011


There is so much clogging my brain at the moment. Focus. Focus. I thought to myself. I was sat at the airport lounge trying to make my way back home. Home...Home, they called it. I wasn't sure. It was the only one I knew. My thoughts began to paint the picture. Noise. It was the noise I wanted to get away the most from. Its my fault i reflected, how did I allow him talk me into that number. We had some 'accidents'. Dirt. I never agree I have OCD, I just believe Humans arent meant to live in filth, plus I have to pick up after every single one of them, He doesn't help much. Pain. someone was always up to something, many days spent at the hospital I would gladly have back. Smell. urgh.

I sighed. Checked my watch, 1hr to board. Think of something else. I screamed within me. My name. they scream, I never feel prouder. Smiles. I could say without a doubt they are genuinely happy to see me. Hugs. I could be in those arms forever. My heart. bursts into songs at the sight of them and gives way to tears of joy. Pleasure. Undescribable.

Home. It's all I've got and I love it.


jemimahnaa said...

In other words 'Ajo o da bi ile'