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Friday, May 6, 2011

Not once did I think of Osama!

Yesterday was such a day! Lots of things happened in usual style. Any time on the tube is bound to be dramatic. I've narrated the main story else where, it was so hectic, I didn't spare a thought for current events happening in the world. As the day slowed, I suddenly found I had a lot of time left! but I was quite worn out, plus I was wearing the wrong thing for the temperature of the day. 

So I decided to go attend the Real Food Festival, thanks to some 'connections' I got a free ticket. It was some fun, I wished i had lots of money, I would have carried sacks of food home. 

I saw Foreign Cows up close and Personal! LOL

*No Comment* hehe

Healthy Chocolate....visit 'em

I saw Foreign Sheep for the first time! boy are they smelly or what!! 

I got to have a taste of Vegetarian Cake, Some chocolate, Fast breakfast made of yogurt, oats and berries. There were lots of meat, cheese and wine. Great place for extreme foodies. It was nice.

Soon after, I couldn't hop on the train guessed it, Peak Hours! na..I'm not rushing anywhere, I decided to wait. When it was over, I happily went on and made my way home :)Tired as anything but still filled with smilies, It was when I got online later that I realized Osama existed.