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Friday, May 27, 2011

My Blue Shoes

They deserve their own post now, haven assumed celebrity status. Most people seem to really like it, and some do not hesitate to tell me. It's like I instantly become stylish wearing them and I don't see a lot of people wearing blue shoes. I still remember when I bought them at a discount shoe store last year at a clearance price (don't blame me, blame the student in me). It was in the morning and I was trying to get to school for a workshop with a consulting firm, I was late but that was when the compliments began. After a while I put them away when I moved cities, and only busted them out about a month or two ago, and booyah! celebrity!
They are getting really worn now because of constant wear, I may need to find a replacement soon, but it's been a lovely time so far :). I love my blue shoes.